What does it feel like to be an Indian in Denmark?

What does it feel like to be an Indian in Denmark?
Aarav Chaudhary Jul 28 0 Comments

Navigating Culture Shock in Denmark

Here I am, Aarav, speaking about my personal experiences, trying to give you a life-size picture of what it's like to be an Indian in Denmark. An Indian in Denmark, just imagine! The bicycling country with a delicious fondness for hygge and a currency that constantly keeps you on your toes. It's just like you've been handed a Rubik's cube that also changes its color every minute. Challenge accepted, though, don't you think?

The first point you notice upon arrival is the difference in cultural tone. Yes, they do things differently here – and why wouldn't they? It's a whole new country, after all. But what distinguishes the Danish people is their silent strength, their stoicism, and the popular practice of 'Jante Law'. This is a Scandinavian cultural concept that essentially promotes societal harmony over individual pride. You are no better than anyone else, so avoid showing off — that's the crux of Jante Law. And let me tell you, as an Indian accustomed to a somewhat more individualistic and expressive society, this can be a tough nut to crack!

However, once you scratch the surface and begin to understand the intricacies of their culture, you realize that Denmark's society is grounded on strong values of equality, inclusivity, and social welfare. For an Indian, this can be both fascinating and reassuring.

Chilly Winds and Warm Hearts

Can we talk about the weather without shivering? The Danish climate takes some time to get used to, especially if you're born and raised in the tropical savannahs of India. The Danish winters can be, well, cold, dark, and longer than a cricket match with rain delays. But hey, this is where my Indian ingenuity kicks in! I came armed with enough warmth and spices right from the heartland India to keep me toasty through the winters. Oh! not to forget the Indian classic – a cup of hot masala chai!

But don't be fooled by the cold wind and the icy rain. The warmth in this country lies in the hearts of its people. The Danes might roll their 'r's differently and have a tongue-twisting language (the Danish word for 'rickshaw' has more letters than my entire name!), but they are eager to include you in their world. It's an interesting contrast, really – the Danes would rather bike in the icy wind than stay within the warm confines of a car — but don't worry, they always stop to ask if you need directions!

Creating a Mini India in Denmark

Thankfully for all the spices I carried, I quickly realised Denmark is not India when it comes to food choices! But that didn't curb my craving for a piping hot samosa, or a hearty bowl of butter chicken. My flat in Copenhagen soon became a mini India, resonating with the sizzling sounds of mustard seeds and the aroma of bubbling curry. I took it upon myself to introduce Denmark to the incredible and diverse Indian cuisine.

My Danish friends were first introduced to the famous Indian 'Head-wobble', our unique gesture that can mean anything from 'yes', 'no', 'maybe', to 'I understand'. Together, we navigated through the labyrinth of Indian dishes, finding comfort in naan bread and acquiring a taste for the potent mustard oil. And let me tell you, to anyone wondering how to make friends in a foreign land — bring food. Food is the shot cut that our hearts recommend!

Adapting to the Danish Way of Life

While my Indian side yearned for the usual hustle-bustle, loud weddings, and lengthy telephonic chats (that we're so fond of!), Denmark's quiet serenity offers a pleasant change of pace. This country knows how to save its breath and whisper in the winds. I learned to appreciate the pleasure of silent bike rides in the countryside, the soft hum of quiet streets, and the peaceful simplicity of Danish life. Now if only I could figure out those tricky recycling rules!

Despite the initial hiccup and cultural differences, adapting to a new lifestyle is a thrilling roller coaster ride. The joy lies in recognizing another world within ours, finding common ground amid diversity, and celebrating life as an amalgamation of various enriching experiences. As they say in Denmark - "Hvor der er hjerterum, er der husrum" or "Where there is room in the heart, there is room in the house". Embracing Denmark has indeed been worth every moment and has taught me to enjoy life in a unique, Danish way.

From navigating a new language, exploring the Danish lifestyle, adapting to a different climate, and cooking Indian food in my Danish kitchen, the journey of an Indian in Denmark is intriguing, rewarding, and full of surprises at every corner. It's like living an adventure, making memories that resonate with laughter, joy, learnings, and a whole lot of rye bread!

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